Welcome to The Attic

Welcome to our new, delightfully intimate and sexy play space, ”The Attic”! The Attic can be found on the upper floor area of the new Sacred Muse Dungeon, located on the back side of the property behind Black Thorn.

To access The Attic, you will first enter a brand new kitchenette which offers a washer / dryer stack, dining table, seating, refrigerator, coffee maker, tea kettle, microwave, cleaning station, and cabinetry stocked with dish ware and cutlery among other amenities.

Located through a black dungeon door and at the top of a playfully striped, turning stair case, The Attic is an inviting, well-equipped play space with elegant lighting, beautifully tiled bathroom and shower, shining black mahogany floors, glowing red walls, and gorgeous antique furnishings.

The Attic is available for private rental to artists, couples or groups seeking to refine their skills and explore unconventional relationships in a clean and safe environment.

Please feel free to email me with any further questions, suggestions or donations.

To read more about the construction process of Sacred Muse and to donate to this expensive two-year building project, please click the GoFundMe link here or below. Your support for our ever growing safe, sane, and consensual Bay Area Kink Community is greatly appreciated!

Please read here about Sacred Muse.

The Attic

Experience the forbidden


  • Beautiful, antique bed modified to accommodate adjustable attachment points around its perimeter.
  • Headboard with attachment points
  • Acrylic mirrored ceiling above the bed with gripping handles and attachment points.
  • Padded, spanking bench equipped with a secure handles and a motorized function for adjustable height changes.
  • Adjustable hard points in the ceiling for standing bondage.
  • Padded cage (used to be in the medical room of Black Thorn).
  • Cell with padded flooring for extending sitting or lying positions that is 7ft long X 3ft high X 4ft wide, featuring dimmable lighting, and two doors; one with bars for interactive scenes and one for black out conditions.
  • Antique, decorative arm chair and foot stool (used to be facing the front door of Black Thorn).
  • Mini split AC / Heating unit for climate control.
  • Bluetooth sound bar for easily playing music from your device with an auxiliary cable.
  • Cross dressing closet in the kitchenette.
  • Rope / Ratchets
  • Cuffs / Mitts / Full Sleeve Arm Binders
  • Mummification Plastic Wrap / Duct Tape
  • Blindfolds / Hoods
  • Straight Jacket (kitchen closet)
  • Spreader Bars
  • Floggers / Whips / Paddles / Straps / Canes of all kinds
  • Sensation Play Toys / Pinwheels / Fur / Vibrating Gloves / etc…
  • Dildos / Plugs / Harnesses
  • Nipple play devices
  • CBT / Bondage devices
  • CBT Weights
  • Gags
  • Cross Dressing Supplies
  • Piercing Supplies
  • Carabiners
  • Hitachi Vibrator
  • Safe Sex materials
  • Gloves / Chucks
  • Cleaning Station