Upcoming event
Date: Sunday 6th of June 2021
Time: 1:00 pm–3:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Behavior Modification and Psychological Play in D/s

with Kay
Price per ticket: $18.00
Total price: $ (+ fees)
Better understand your playmate and learn to shape behaviors for better service!

Have you ever wished that you better understood the kink oriented psychology of your playmate or that you had a clear grasp of their true motivation? A better understanding would support a deeper connection and the ability to shape certain behaviors to the benefit of both you and your play partner.

Join Kay for a class on D/s dynamics that is focused around how to acclimate your partner to serving you in the way that you want to be served. This class will explore methods for altering thought patterns to help work through a variety of issues.

Topics will include protocol training, hypnosis, bimbofication, and more! Join Kay for the most fun class in the world.

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Kay is PCT certified for 3 years and worked as a local Trauma response advocate for a local Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivor advocate organization. She was also Professional teacher at a high school for 5 years, has been an Educator since 2013, and worked as a Discipline Office Assistant for a High School for 2 years creating programs to reduce infraction rates.

Kay has been teaching for the past eight years and has been in the Sacramento Kink scene for the past six years. She is passionate about advocating for her local scene and, when she has time, pushing limits with cute boys through heavy psychological play. Beyond that, she loves cookies, coffee, chocolate, and cats. Come to think of it, she loves just about anything that starts with a “C.”

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