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Date: Saturday 20th of February 2021
Time: 1:00 pm–3:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Exploring the Daddy Domme!

with Mx Wiley Wolfe
Join Mx Wiley Wolfe and learn how to incorporate the Daddy Domme dynamic into your scene.

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What makes a Daddy? Why, and how, might we incorporate Daddies into our kink? What does it mean for a woman or non-binary/androgynous person to claim the title? Join Primal Daddy Wiley Wolfe for an in-depth look at the masculine side of these nurturing Dominants, from soft-hearted caregivers to the leather Daddies of your dirtiest dreams.

Fetlife Event (RSVP appreciated):

Whether you identify as a Daddy, want to find a Daddy, or are still exploring your place in the kink world, this class is for you!

We'll also discuss:

  • The Classic Vanilla & BDSM Archetypes and how we can draw from them (or not!)
  • The potential psychology behind playing with Daddy
  • Why some women/AFAB folx might identify with Daddy instead of Mommy
  • The benefits and psychology of submitting to a queer Daddy
  • What it can mean to exalt a traditionally masculine archetype
  • Tips to connect with our inner Daddies
  • Ways Daddy can show up in our scenes and dynamics
  • And more!

There will be time for questions at the end of class.

Trigger Warning: We will be discussing patriarchal figures and structures, including but not limited to absent fathers, queer loss, and a brief comment on incest. If you become uncomfortable at any time, I invite you to mute the class until we've moved on to another topic, step physically away for a moment, or step out of the class entirely. Be good to yourself and care for your needs. You are important!

If you are unable to afford a class at this time, reach out to Jezebel to request a

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Mx Wiley Wolfe (she/her/any) is an Ethically Polyamorous Primal Daddy and Fetish Performer based in Los Angeles. She began her journey as a professional submissive at Sanctuary Studios LAX, and trained with top BDSM practitioners into the Professional & Lifestyle Dominant she is today.

She is the Co-Founder of SoCal Creatures, an inclusive pet play group; Quench, a monthly LGBTQIA+ munch; and created the Wolfe Academy of Kink, an online kink education series. She has also taught for Wicked Grounds, Sanctuary LAX's The Course, DomCon LA, Mistress Justine Cross's Dungeon East, and more. Her workshops focus on many different aspects of BDSM, with particular focus on animal play, deepening intention, and full immersion role play.

As a gay genderqueer woman, Mistress Wolfe's driving desire is to foster connection, education, ethics, and radical inclusiveness in BDSM.

Instagram/Twitter: @wileyxwolfe

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