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Date: Sunday 20th of September 2020
Time: 4:00 pm–6:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Playing with Fire: a study in fire play

with Uncle Randy
Join Uncle Randy and HeatherFeathers for an online class that explores the fascinating world of Fire Play and experience the hypnotic, mesmerizing effect it can have on your submissive.

This event is a fundraiser for the Inner Sanctum Dungeon building project. Read more about Inner Sanctum, see pictures, read updates, and make a pledge on the Inner Sanctum web pages. Thank you for your support!


Since the discovery of fire, this primal force has instilled fear and fascination in us. From a very early age we have all been taught to respect and fear it. Fire can be dangerous and deadly but it can also be safe, sexy, and sensual.

There will be demonstrations of basic, intermediate and more advanced techniques as well as cupping with fire. Students will learn best safety practices and where to buy the materials necessary to put together a complete fire-play kit.

Topics covered:

  • Safety
  • Equipment and where to purchase it.
  • Types of fuel
  • Using torches in your scene
  • Spraying fire
  • Fire bubbles
  • Flash cotton
  • Slow burning with foam
  • Fire cupping

Playing with Fire is a can't miss class for anyone who shares a fascination with fire! There will be time for questions at the end of class.

This class is priced at $18. However, if you are financially challenged, email Jezebel to learn more about scholarships:


Uncle Randy discovered kink and the public “scene" around '02 through a series of interesting events that led him to a woman who mentored him and taught him from the bottom up. Having experienced Top and bottom dynamics first hand has made Uncle Randy a much better Top.

Uncle Randy has over 12 years of fire play experience and loves to pass along his knowledge to those who are interested. As one of the more edgy and dangerous types of play, it takes practice and experience to become proficient.

In play, Uncle Randy is a sensual sadist and enjoys forming a connection by being tactile with his partners. This is his high. He enjoys a variety of play types and one of his favorites is fire play.

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