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Date: Saturday 27th of June 2020
Time: 8:00 pm–11:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Black Thorn Virtual Play Party and Charitable Event!

Get cozy, get freaky and join us for a first ever Bay Area virtual play party event!

Do you miss our play parties? We do! A virtual play party is being hosted on June 27th to bring community members together online. I know people are feeling isolated in these strange and troubling times. It's nice to come together as a community and feel connected again in ways that still keep us physically safe.

Many people have taken an economic hit during this pandemic. This virtual event is priced low and ALL proceeds are going to the Bay Area Leather Lifeline, a fund to help kinksters and leather folk in the SF Bay Area who need immediate help during the COVID-19 crisis.

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We hope you and your playmate can join us for some play time and merriment from the comfort of your home. If you're sheltering in place alone and would like to just hang out to say hello, maybe have a glass of wine on the couch, that's fine too!

At the start, there will be an introduction from HeatherFeathers, the social director for Society of Janus and dear friend, and an opportunity to ask questions. HeatherFeathers will also go over the basics of Zoom's platform for those who are unfamiliar.

You will need to download Zooms software to a device that has a camera in order to attend this play party.

There will be two Zoom breakout rooms offered for this virtual play party: a Play Room, and a Social Room. The guide lines for each of those room is described below. We will have Dungeon Monitors (DM) in both groups to help maintain decorum, moderate the flow of conversation, and keep an eye on people and scenes in general.

Play Room:

This room is for play! Feel free to just get straight into the action. This room is where all the eye candy can be found. This room is not for casual chit chat. Please take all conversation not related to an ongoing scene to the Social Room.

One concern we have is volume control. In order for noise levels to stay moderate, it will be important to have your device far enough away such that you are not right next to your microphone. It's also better to see you that way!

Additionally, yelling is just as disruptive in this forum as it is during in-person play parties. If anyone is dominant in volume either intentionally or unintentionally, we will reach out via chat first and then mute as needed.

Social Room:

The social room is for casual catching up and checking in with each other. It's also the place where you can choose to connect with each other via public or private messages using Zoom's chat feature. It's important that people not talk over each other when verbally chatting in the Social Room, hand raising to speak is encouraged.

If you meet someone at the party or have a pre-arranged virtual play date, we will have private break out rooms available for private one on one scenes. Moderators may occasionally check in on the break out rooms when occupied.

Some ideas for virtual scenes are strip teases, verbal commands, self inflicted punishment, masturbation shows. Use your imagination! :)

The Attic and Black Thorn will also be featured in this virtual play party. Without co-mingling, separate couples in each of Black Thorn's well equipped, themed rooms and in The Attic, will be engaged in scene play for your viewing pleasure.

Virtual Play Party Rules and Considerations:

- Out of privacy concerns, Zoom invitations and passwords will be sent the morning of the party. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive this.

- Recording or screen shots is strictly forbidden. Monitors will be watching participants closely. Anyone in violation of this rule will be ejected immediately and subject to permanent black listing of all future play events.

- If you have privacy concerns, please wear a mask during the party. Zoom is not a fool proof system. You join the party at your own risk of exposure.

- Cameras must be turned on so we can see you. No lurkers.

- All attendees are asked to use their scene name or Fetlife handle for anonymity. Go to profile settings in Zoom to edit your name as needed.

- Those considered intrusive or disrespectful will get one warning before they are ejected.

- No groups of over four are allowed. This is not the time for congregations.

This virtual play party is the first of its kind in the Bay Area so we will be working out the kinks, pun intended, as we go along. We appreciate your patience if any technical difficulties arise.

For questions or concerns, please email me. For help with setting up your Zoom account, please reach out before the party.

Thanks so much and I hope to see you there!

Warm Wishes,


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