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Date: Sunday 21st of June 2020
Time: 12:00 pm–2:30 pm (Pacific Time)

The Socially Distant Single-Tail Sessions (An exploration series) with Master Scorpio. A virtual class.

Master Scorpio offers a critical examination of how we can empower ourselves and others through the art of single-tailing.

Join Master Scorpio and his demo bottom, Funfetticakes, for The Socially Distant Single-Tail Sessions, (An exploration series)
Session 1 : Funfetticakes.

Students can expect an inspiring workshop that explores single-tail techniques, energetic exchanges, and the subsequent after care needed to instruct and inform those on both sides of the lash.

Participants can join this class as a couple or single person. Those with a whip in hand can practice on each other or with a pillow. There will be time for questions and answers at the end of class.

Some topic that will be covered in class:

  • Single-tailing techniques.

  • Safety: Where to strike and where not to strike.

  • How to conduct sessions.

  • How to use progression.

  • Feeling what you ask of others.

  • How to be supportive and facilitate both long and short range after care.

Instructor Bio:

Master Scorpio is a BDSM/sacred leather educator, body acceptance/therapeutic sensation advocate, writer, and whip artist! He established the Dominance Dojo SF, now Dark Eros Dojo SF, at the SF Citadel in 2013.

Dark Eros Dojo is still operating and holding hybrid workshops, classes, events, private and semi-private lessons and mentoring at venues like Wicked Grounds, SF Citadel, Mission Control, Sacred Muse/Black Thorn, and The Monterey community Alliance.

Master Scorpio has been on his journey since 1998, after 15 years of apprenticeship and volunteering to Master Tim of the 15 Association San Francisco.

Funfetticakes Bio:

I've been in the kink scene for about 7 months and am currently exploring my masochistic side. I love all kinds of impact play but my favorite is stingy, searing sensations and find the whip to be electrifying. As a whip enthusiast, I enjoy discovering and pushing my mental and physical limits.

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