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Date: Saturday 29th of February 2020
Time: 8:00 pm–1:00 am (Pacific Time)

Bottoms Up!: A Society of Janus Play Party:

Join SOJ for Bottoms Up on Feb. 29th, Leap Day, when traditional rules and roles are broken!

Its Leap Day! A magical day where down is up and up is down and the rules change. According to ancient lore, Leap Day is when traditional rules and roles are broken. In the dungeon, this means that its bottoms choice, bottoms Up!

The evening will begin with a game: bottoms, submissives, littles, prey and the like will choose activities they would like Tops, Dominants, Bigs, Predators, etc... to perform on them.

Who will serve who on this special evening? Sign up upon entry and let the fun begin! The night of folly will continue until 1AM with two open dungeons, lots of play stations and enchantment in the air.

To read more about Society of Janus, please copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Welcoming, clean, and beautiful, Black Thorn and Sacred Muse together feature over 20 well appointed, safe, and versatile play stations that are available to accommodate a diverse array of role play scenarios and fetish interests. Don't be shy, come out to play!

Black Thorn's web page
Sacred Muse's web page

Please note that no illegal activity is allowed on premises and all play is safe, sane, and consensual between adults of legal age.

House Rules and Play Party Etiquette:
Black Thorn's web page or directly at <a href=""/">

Important NEWS! Dungeon Shuttle Service! Please help keep our neighbors happy! (Not required but appreciated):

Dungeon Shuttle

Image Picture: Andre Ruso. Available for professional sessions:*

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