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Date: Sunday 15th of December 2019
Time: 2:00 pm–4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Setting the Scene through the Senses w/BossBoar

Join BossBoar for Setting the Scene, an inspired workshop on how to create and develop mood for a more immersive scene experience.

Every scene has a mood whether its a casual flogging, an intense pirate kidnapping, or cathartic cutting. BossBoar will present the best ways to create a mood for your scenes that facilitates your fantasies.

In this Setting the Scene workshop, we'll discuss concepts such as the following:

  • A scene as a story.
  • Negotiation to achieve your mood.
  • Using the five senses (and beyond).

These subjects and others will contribute to creating immersive experiences for you and your partner. This will be an interactive workshop where well help each other figure out things to do to build the atmosphere for our fantasies.

Instructor Bio:

BossBoar is a polyamorous dominant who combines years as a martial artist and paramedic with a passion for amateur psychology and generally terrible things. He has been described as an hardcore sadist, you motherfucker, and oh god, please no no no! He likes to design scenes with the intention to terrify. Over the years, his efforts resulted in every response from he may actually be a sociopath to thats so sweet!... sometimes in the same scene. He calls the San Francisco Bay Area home and has previously presented for the SF Citadel,, SF Foundations, and Dark Odyssey: Surrender

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