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Date: Saturday 3rd of August 2019
Time: 7:00 pm–12:00 am (Pacific Time)

The Leather & Lace Party

Join Society of Janus for our premier event at Black Thorn and Sacred Muse Dungeon in Oakland: The Leather & Lace Party!

Join Society of Janus, in a joint production with Black Thorn, for their premier double dungeon event, The Leather & Lace Party!

Black Thorn and Sacred Muse

Dress in your finest leather and/or your sexiest lace for this swank soiree. There will be a boot blacking station to shine up your footwear and plenty of play space at this two-dungeon event.


Society of Janus is and has always been an organization made up of the community and in service to the community. We are stronger for our diversity, including adults of all genders, orientations, colors, ethnicities, roles, and experience levels. We welcome all who have a genuine interest in kink and who respect each other's rights to self-expression, self-exploration, and authenticity. At each and every one of our events, we will strive to maintain and enforce a respectful and safe space for all attendees in celebration of this diversity, and expect the same of all attendees.

Black Thorn Shuttle Service:
Please help keep our neighbors happy, (not required but appreciated)!

Black Thorn house rules and play party etiquette:

Please note that no illegal activity is allowed on premises and all play is safe, sane, and consensual between adults of legal age. This event is limited to 21 and over. Be prepared to show ID.

Outside Rules: Lets keep neighbors happy. We do not want a lack of discretion to create a disturbance. Thank you!

Do not block anyones driveway ever, even temporarily.
Do not loiter on the public sidewalk, outside the gate. Come in!
Upon departure, do not linger and chat by your car.
Do not speak loudly or engage in indiscreet dialog where neighbors can hear you.
Do not wear inappropriate clothing that may bring unwanted attention while outside.
Do not have BDSM gear sticking out of your bag outside the premises.

Please consider making a donation to support ongoing BDSM education and community building events. Thank you!

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