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Date: Sunday 7th of July 2019
Time: 1:00 pm–4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

DIGITAL HYGIENE: Best practices for providers in the digital world.

Join Anya Avalon and Eva Sterling for an educational, goal-oriented discussion on digital sensibility for savvy professionals, post SESTA FOSTA.

A year after FOSTA-SESTA was signed into law, many of us remain uncertain and afraid for our safety, livelihood, and projects. On one hand, no legislation in recent memory has so loudly threatened our communities. On the other, we in the Bay Area live in a bastion of partial tolerance, which dampens many of the harshest repercussions of crappy laws.

Our communities are filled with professional BDSM practitioners who conduct business online. Juggling tweets, snaps, and clips, it can be hard to tell what is peril, and what is panopticon. This workshop is the beginning of a discussion on digital hygiene in the current climate.

Join us for an engaging, interactive discussion on how to conceptualize and craft our work in 2019!

We will talk about:

  • the realities of BDSM and the law
  • goal setting for the digital world
  • how to align your best practice with your goals
  • potential pitfalls of technology
  • advertising mediums, risks, dos and probably shouldn'ts
  • the role of self care in best practices

Instructor Bio:

Eva Sterling has been a professional kinkster since 2003. When she isn't sharing and exploring her craft with colleagues and clients, she enjoys dog walks, baking, and endless spreadsheets.

Anya Avalon is a life-long artist and seven-year-long dominatrix. She centers philosophy, psychology, and art therapy in her work with clients. She's a legal pessimist and a sex work optimist. She's excited to help build cultures of autonomy and care among her peers.

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