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Date: Sunday 16th of June 2019
Time: 9:00 am–4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

SnapShot. A Fetish Photography Event.

Dont miss this unique opportunity to get capture beautiful images for your portfolio!

Welcome to SnapShot our first photography event in Black Thorn and Sacred Muse. This all day event is available to 5 photographers. All photographers will be expected to bring their own professional equipment and lighting. We are anticipating that this exciting event will sell out. Don't miss this unique opportunity to capture beautiful images for your portfolio!

There will be 10 models available on a rotational basis during this event. Snacks and beverages will be provided. All of the models are Professional Dominatrixes active in the industry and have experience working with professional photographers.

The photographers will work out any set rotation requests among themselves. The event is designed to provide enough time to take a round of pictures with each model. The less time photographers move around the dungeons, the more time there will be to shoot images. The models will be able to access the plethora of toys, implements and rope to use as props in each shoot.

A model release form will be available upon arrival. It is expected that an agreement around editing, acquiring, and the posting of images will be negotiated before each shoot. All photographers should be able to provide a time line in which the photos will be ready to each of the models for their private use.

The photographers are allowed to show up 30 minutes before models arrive to start their set up. Those who purchase their tickets first, get first pick of shoot location among the numerous, beautiful play stations offered in both Black Thorn and Sacred Muse.

To see images of each of these beautiful dungeons, please click the links provided below.

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