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Date: Sunday 31st of March 2019
Time: 12:00 pm–6:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Feeling the Pressure: A class on combining pressure points and play!

Learn how to directly access your partners nervous system using only your hands!

Pressure points are location on the body where small amounts of pressure produce large amounts of pain. By perverting years as a paramedic and martial artist, BossBoar will teach you to skip the impact play and directly access your partners nervous system using only your hands. Regardless of size, learn to leverage body mechanics to leave any bottom writhing in pain. Never leave home without your toy bag again!

This will start with a short demo, followed by a comprehensive lecture on the components of a pressure points scene, ending with a practice session. This will be heavily hands-on! Be sure to come hydrated and energetic. It is recommended that Tops/switches bring a partner. Much of the class will be practicing locating and applying pressure points.

Bottoms are encouraged to attend to learn more about the pleasures and potential pitfalls of this unusual style of play.

Instructor Bio:

BossBoar is a polyamorous Dominant who combines years as a martial artist and paramedic with a passion for amateur psychology and generally terrible things.

He has been described as, hardcore sadist, you motherfucker, and oh god, please no no no!.

BossBoar calls the San Francisco Bay Area BDSM scene home, and regularly volunteer his time at parties and events. He draws from his professional and personal experiences to create classes that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

He has previously presented for the SF Citadel,, SF Foundations, and Dark Odyssey: Surrender.

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