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Date: Saturday 19th of January 2019
Time: 3:00 pm–5:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Heavy Impact and Rough Body Play!

Join Miss Mackenzee for a dynamic workshop on heavy impact and rough body play!

Maybe you've seen some really hot porn where the submissive is taking a serious beating or witnessed it at a play party... That can make some people cringe, but some of us squirm in a good way!

There are many different toys that can be used in a heavy manner and are intimidating on their own. This class will go over a lot of those toys and where to hit. Miss Mackenzee will also talk about how hard to hit in particular areas. Of course, the most primal heavy impact toy available to any Dominant is the use of their own body to deliver pain. Hands, feet, knees, elbows, shoulders, and pressure points will all be covered during this class.

Safety guidelines for this type of play will be discussed as well as, the potential for a great exchange of energy between you and your partner.

This class is open to all gender identities, sexual preferences, relationship dynamics, and skill levels.

Some other things that will be covered are:

  • Learning tempo and rhythm to create an amazing head space for your partner.

  • Negotiations and consent with this specific type of play.

  • Learning how to properly build and warm your bottom up for longer scenes.

  • Going over the sensations you are creating with each toy and their multiple uses.

  • Using your bottoms body against them, regardless of size difference.

Instructor bio:

Miss Mackenzee is a Professional Dominatrix, Certified Erotic Hypnotist, Sexual Wellness Coach, as well as an International BDSM and Sex Educator. She has been involved in the lifestyle for 10+ years. She teaches a full range of subjects including but not limited to energy/Tantra, bondage, power exchange, hypnosis, sexuality, and the art of sadism. She is highly sought after for private lessons with individuals, couples and major events as well as graduate programs at major universities.

Miss Mackenzee has brought her experiences and skills to various organizations such as, Widener University, SF Citadel, Dark Odyssey, Celebrity Cruiseline, VoxBody Studio, SINergy, Kinky Kollege, Bound In Boston, Adventures in Sexuality, ROPECRAFT, Spanksgiving, Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, Sexploratorium, EXXXotica, and many others. She prides herself on creating a fostering environment that is safe from societal judgments for people to explore their kinks and sexuality. She welcomes people to be free and honest with themselves and their desires.

She can be found here:

Social Media:
Twitter: @MissMackenzee
Professional Fetlife: MissMackenzee
Personal Fetlife: MsMackenzee

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