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Date: Friday 2nd of November 2018
Time: 6:00 pm–1:00 am (Pacific Time)

Memoria In Aeterna, ~ A Tattoo Ceremony.

A healing ritual with tattooing to honor the dead.

Memoria In Aeterna, ~ A Tattoo Ceremony.

Memoria In Aeterna, in latin means, In Eternal Remembrance. In observance of this beautiful sentiment, a private tattoo ceremony to honor, celebrate, and memorialize lost loved ones who have passed on, will be offered on November 2nd. This date is also widely known in latin culture as, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

Tattoos have always held an important role in ritual and cultural tradition. Memoria In Aeterna, is intended as a healing ritual to facilitate a supportive journey along the road of remembrance through the symbolic expression of art and the meaningful permanence of tattoo.

NoKoi, a professional tattoo artist, will be in attendance. He acts as a guide, facilitating a profound experience and supporting healing as visions are made manifest. Jezebel, owner of Sacred Muse, is available upon request to hold space and act as witness bearer. Two family members, partners or friends are also welcome to attend.

The intention for this ritual begins with the symbol, sigil, script, numeral, or image that is chosen. The piece should be small and simple enough to take no longer than 30 minutes to tattoo. Additional parameters for each art piece are listed below.

  • Each image no bigger than 3 x 3.
  • No portraits.
  • No facial, neck or rib tattoos.

An alter will be set up in The Attic, a beautiful play space located above Sacred Muse, where photographs and memorabilia can be placed. Upon arrival, fifteen minutes of meditation time at the alter will be offered. Due to the private nature of this event, participants will not gather together but will each be given a separate 45 minute time slot for meditation and tattooing.

Because there is no face to face consultation with NoKoi before this event, everyone is expected to submit their art for review before purchasing a ticket. NoKoi will be available for a phone or email consultation during the review process. Once the final art piece has been confirmed, ticket links will be provided via email.

There are only ten slots available for this event so submit your art early!

Everyone is welcome to bring a playlist on a personal device to enjoy music of their choosing through the surround sound speakers in the Sacred Muse. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Instructor bio:

An experienced and talented tattoo artist, in his private life NoKoi identifies as a primal and pansexual leather top.

Shop trained in Phoenix, Arizona, NoKoi has been tattooing for seven years. His fine line detail work and precision tattooing have earned him a loyal following and a living.

NoKoi is inspired by magic, esoterica, symbolism, and sacred geometry. He sees tattooing as blending the physical and the spiritual.

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