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Date: Saturday 15th of September 2018
Time: 1:00 pm–8:00 pm (Pacific Time)


A Weekend Immersion of Medical Play and Female Domination!

Join Tara Indiana, Bettie Bondage and Eve Minax in Sacred Muse for an exciting weekend immersion into the dynamic world of Medical Play, where you can learn all things Medical!

From sensual, naughty nurse fantasies to heavy, invasive medical scenes, advance your skill set with some of the top instructors in the US, with HANDS ON instruction.

Admission includes all the basic supplies; blue pads, bag enema, french catheter, sounds, piercing needles, Beta-dine, alcohol, latex gloves, etc. Supplies for advanced classes (saline inflation, scalpels, specialty enemas or catheter subject to supply fee or bring your own.

STAY ON CAMPUS at BLACK THORN or SACRED MUSE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN THE EAST BAY AREA! Discounts are offered for attendees. Please send an inquiry regarding overnight availability using the email address below.

To learn more about Sacred Muse and Black Thorn, please click the following website links:

Sacred Muse Dungeon
Black Thorn Dungeon

SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED so get your tickets early! Ticket price covers Sept. 14th, 15th, 16th


FRIDAY, Sept. 14th


No history of Medical Fetishism would be complete without a discussion of the life and work of Bob Flanagan and his partner in crime, Mistress, and wife, photographer, Sheree Rose. The class will start with a brief oral history followed be a viewing of the movie Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan followed by a Q&A with Sheree herself. Join us for an interesting and thought provoking discussion that will make you see sickness in a different way.

FRIDAY, Sept. 14th


Kick off the weekend with a medical themed play party at the Infamous Black Thorn Dungeon!


Bettie Bondage
Soma Snakeoil
Tara Indiana

with play and performances all night!
More info to come....

Get a sneak peak at some of what well be teaching
Meet and greet fellow students and party goers
5 Incredibly Appointed Play Rooms

Dress Code:
Naughty Nurse, Rubber Nurse, Nurse Ratchet, Doctor, Patient, Mental Patient, Latex, Leather, Fetish, Evening Wear, Formal or All Black

SATURDAY, Sept.15th


  1. What you'll need to get started with any budget and proper implements.
  2. Sterile Field.
  3. How to give a basic and authentic exam.
  4. Psychology, atmosphere, different kinds of medical scenarios.
  5. What to say and what not to say; buzzwords and triggers.
  6. Come dressed for the occasion! What to wear and when to wear it: Naughty Nurse, Nurse Ratchet, Rubber Nurse, or Doctor.
  7. How to do basic enemas, catheters, sounds, and basic play piercing safely.


SATURDAY, Sept.15th


Find new ways to bring pain and pleasure through procedures that directly stimulate his prostate in ways hes never imagined.

Advanced Enemas: Soaps, Oils, Coffee, Milk, Lemon Juice, Alcohol, Urine, Barium. Epson Salts, Nozzles, Tubes, Bags, and Bardex Enemas, punishment enemas vs erotic enemas.

Advanced Anal: Using instruments, learning internal anatomy, and advanced stretching techniques.


Advanced Sounds: French and Foley, Catheters, Hegar, Dittel, Hank, Van Burns, Guyon Pratt, Rosbud, Estim and Electro Sounds

SUNDAY, Sept.16th


  1. SALINE INFLATION: Chest / Breasts, Genitals.
    2 ELECTRICAL-PLAY Violet Wands, TENs Unit, PEZ Unit, Dry Cell Batteries & more!

LUNCH BREAK 2:30-3:30

  1. STITCH HIM UP! Medical Staples and Suturing.
  2. BLOOD SPORTS: Cutting, Advanced Piercing, Butterfly Boards, Blood / Fire Cupping, Scarification.


Tara Indiana:

Mistress Tara has been a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix for over 28 years. In the course of that time She's dominated over 10,000 men, taught more then 1000 professional dominatrices and starred in over 200 Fetish Films.

Tara started her career as Dominatrix in New York City, 1989. She went on to found, "The Den of Iniquity" in 1994. The Daily News described her as "The Martha Stewart of Dungeons" in an expose about the S&M scene in New York City.

Tara revolutionized the dungeon business by bringing a legitimate corporate culture and branding to what had been a seedy, underground business mostly controlled by organized crime. It was The first professional Dungeon to obtain a federal trademark, and the first, and, to date, only dungeon to go national as a chain. At its height, DOI had flagships in New York City, Phoenix and Los Angeles. The Den of Iniquity is known for it's long list of celebrity Dominatrices, Porn Stars and Fetish Models

D.O.I. celebrated its 20th Anniversary in September of 2014 and Mistress Tara retired to pursue Her dream of teaching and political activism.

When Tara isnt dominating men, she is teaching women how to dominate men. Her workshop series, The Art of Female Domination offers women from all walks of life the opportunity to learn the way a professional Dominatrix learns; hands on. Her science based, empirical approach has been featured on Buzzfeed, Salon and Vice, culminating in an invitation to present at TEDxSanFrancsco on October of 2017.

Bettie Bondage:

Bettie Bondage is a Professional and Lifestyle Mistress, BDSM Educator, and Fetish Performer based in Los Angeles. She has been active in the BDSM Community for over 7 years and began her path as a professional submissive receiving her training from some of Los Angeles top Dominas and Dungeons.

She identifies as a Sadist is known for her interest in heavy Needle Play and dedication to the art and ritual of Blood Play.

Mistress Betties journey in BDSM has lead her to educate. She has taught multiple classes (varying on Basic Needle Play, Decorative Needle Play, Blood Cupping etc.) at Stockroom University, Iron Gate, DomCon LA, Mistress Taras the Art of FemDom, and more. She was also featured in Severe Sex Films' Advanced Guide to BDSM DVD Series teaching Needle Play.

Eve Minax:

Dubbed by her peers as The Approachable Pervert, Professional Domina and Kink Educator, Eve Minax delights in proliferating carnal knowledge. Learning and practicing BDSM from Chicago, to Paris, to Melbourne, and now San Francisco, she has exercised her pedagogical skills at numerous conferences across the U.S. SFSI certified, Minax practices Urban Tantra, and is a Bondassage Practitioner and trainer. She has self produced over 100 videos and shoots for many great bondage sites like and Doctor Eve embodies her love of kink and healing in the most devious ways! Eve Minax currently trains up and coming Dominatrices and all those kick ass kinksters who wish to deepen their practice.

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