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Date: Sunday 24th of August 2014
Time: 3:00 pm–5:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Artistic Needle Play Sunday, Aug 24th at Black Thorn!

Pain is better when it's pretty and pretty is better when it's painful.

"Pain Is Better When It's Pretty, and Pretty Is Best When It's Painful"

Artistic Needle Play with the TooBadMice

Okay, you've got your needle kit, you have some basic skills, and maybe you've done a few scenes with your partner and looking to step things up..
Starting to get bored with basic ladders, or the occasional button? Are you one of those people who worries that the scene could be ruined because there are more yellow-hubbed needles on the left side than on the right? Feel happier if your scene is color-coordinated with the holiday it's occurring on? In this class we show you how to add extra art and fun to needle scenes for many years by making them beautiful. Creations include needle corsets, wings, and other pretty patterns that can be made using basic piercing technique and needles, either by themselves or with craft items such as ribbon, silk flowers, beads, bells, etc. We will also demonstrate needle zippers, how to make them, and how touh, pull them off. Class will include a discussion of materials and resources and opportunities to practice.

Note: This class is intended for needle tops and bottoms with any level of experience, including the very basic. No special skills or expertise are required.

A little about the TooBadMice:

The TooBadMice are a couple of notorious married switches who have been part of the Bay Area BDSM community for well over a decade. When they're not gleefully poking their friends with sharp objects, or being poked, they are usually busy creating silly and painful games, conducting high voltage experiments on each other, or applying zippers to victims with evangelistic fervor. First entering the scene as photo and demo models for a dominatrix, they have been involved with classes and demos for over a decade at dungeons such as Castlebar, Dragon's Keep, the Scenery, Edges, the Citadel and the Looking Glass, as well as other venues through QSM, the Society of Janus, FantasyMakers, and BDSM Southern Oregon. The currently teach at events such as KinkFest in Portland and of course here at Black Thorn.

They can be reached at

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