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Date: Sunday 19th of May 2013
Time: 3:00 pm–5:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Quandary: Negotiating and Troubleshooting Your Scenes with Eve Minax!

Learn to build more confidence and stir the imagination in this informative, entertaining workshop!

Quandary: Negotiating and Troubleshooting Your Scenes

Asking for what you want is hard. Getting what you want is harder. Accepting and rolling with it when you do not get what you want is even harder still. How do we get what we want in scene and give our partner what they want so everybody wins?

In this class, we will explore how to successfully negotiate a scene before, during, and after.

Whether you want more confidence and skills or need to help stirring your imagination for new and delightful scenes, this class will open up possibilities and strengthen your scenes.

We will discuss:

saying yes/no
topping from the bottom
staying in control through seduction, coercion, bargaining, choice giving
imagination and fantasy

This class will be full of hot interactive energy prepping you for the evening play party. All genders, sexualities, and skill levels welcome. Get out of your quandary and come play today!

Minax Reviews:

"I am forever grateful to Mistress Eve Minax, for her holistic, humorous and compassionate
approach to SM." With All My Heart- Lady Ishtar

"Minax is a fucking kick-ass sex genius; fantastically creative, super smart, and as stylish as any sex super star can be. Minax knows how to be in the truth of the moment100% authentic and a big tease at the same time. If you can take a class or get a session with Minax, run, hobble or crawl NOW. She will fulfill beyond your wildest dreams."
Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.
Prostitute/Porn Star turned Sex Educator/Ecosexual

"My collaborator Eve Minax is a stellar teacher, perceptive, inspired, versatile, direct and with a huge repertoire of knowledge of the psychological and physical aspects of many fetish and embodied roleplay."
Cleo Dubois

"Minax is simply an amazing presenter. She's one of our top favorites at SF Citadel. Minax mixes humor with wickedness and whats not to love about that?"
SF Citadel

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