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Date: Sunday 28th of April 2013
Time: 3:00 pm–6:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Squirt! G-Spot Stimulation and Female or FTM Ejaculation Workshop for Women, Trans-Men and Couples!

Discover the power of Female and FTM Ejaculation!

Are you excited to learn about Female and FTM Ejaculation?
Do you need some tips and techniques to get started?
Does the prospect of having a more expanded orgasm through G-Spot Stimulation sound awesome? Then join Anya de Montigny, Sex Educator and Somatic Sexologist for this fun and engaging workshop!

Learn how stimulating the G-spot increases orgasmic pleasure, releases deep seated emotions and helps to maintain health of the pelvic floor muscles. Discover the power of Female and FTM Ejaculation! The first two hours will be a live demonstration, lecture, discussion and Q&A.

In the workshop we will:

Discuss the myths and truths of the ejaculate liquid "amrita" and answer the question, "is it pee"?

Learn important anatomy of the vagina including G-spot, Skene's glands and the PC muscles.

Have a Live Demo!

Learn how solo and partnered practice can be woven into your sex life.

Discuss important toys and techniques to ejaculate.

Take home fun exercises to get started right away.

For those interested in trying out these techniques with guidance and further personalized instruction stay for the one hour Lab where couples will get a chance to practice in a safe space (screens provided for privacy if needed). Please come with your lover, partner or intimate friend for this portion of the class.

Instructor Bio:

Anya de Montigny is a certified Sex Educator and Clinical and Somatic Sexologist who has devoted her entire life to living and teaching a sex-positive and Orgasmic life. With non-judgmental sex education, individual and couples coaching and powerful experiential workshops she brings her 18 years experience in the field of Sexology to people who are excited to learn techniques for a healthy, satisfying sex life. For more information on Anya please see her website for contact information, videos and her sex blog:

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