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Date: Sunday 21st of April 2013
Time: 2:00 pm–4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Instincts and Edges- Exploring the Reality of Erotic Hypnosis!

Learn how to understand and appreciate this amazing psychological tool to help create more fulfilling scenes.

Using a combination of conversation, demonstration, and workshop applications Mz Grayce will spend a Sunday afternoon sharing her perspective on the powerful realm of Erotic Hypnosis. The scheduled discussion topics will include (but are not limited to) consent, practical application, and personal responsibility. Each group has its own flavor and Grayce loves interacting and encouraging others to be a part of the exploration.

Hypnosis basics will be briefly covered but this is not designed as an introductory class. Grayce's desire is to share firsthand what is possible and to encourage other players to understand and appreciate this amazing tool.

People will be given the opportunity to practice these basic skills to help build good rapport, strengthen communication, enhance power exchange, and intensify role play/imagination for more fulfilling scenes.

Instructor Bio:

Mz Grayce's first Shamanic teacher was a rotund Shetland pony namedWilbur. He was akind but strict teacher who taught her to look beyond the obvious and not be too attached to outcomes. That taste of the mystical began her lifelong journey exploring trance states and trying to find the words to share the rugged beauty she found there.

In 1996 Grayce became a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and began working with traditional hypnosis applications. In the fall of 2011 she joined forces with the San Francisco Erotic Hypnosis Group and became a member of the Fantasy Makers Playhouse, both of which provided her with the opportunity to pervert her skills in delicious new ways. She has enjoyed sharing her passion with therapeutic and erotic clients and friends and now that she's studying Stage Hypnosis she's ready to work with groups!

She is currently involved in building the erotic hypnosis community including assisting with developing WEHU1 the first Western Erotic Hypnosis un-Conference this fall 2013.

Read her blog here:

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