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Date: Sunday 10th of March 2013
Time: 2:00 pm–4:30 pm (Pacific Time)

RACK Me Up: Risk Aware and Dynamic Bottoming with Shay and Stefanos!

This informative class will explore active bottoming and risk awareness.

Stefanos and Shay challenge all Tops, bottoms and switches to ponder the following questions and scenarios. These along with many others will be discussed in their essential RACK ME UP class.

1: If my arm starts to go numb when I am tied up, I should:

a. Keep quiet- tops don't like whiners.
b. Keep quiet- numbness is a sign of decreased circulation, which
is not a serious concern for bondage. However I should tell the top
right away if I have sharp, shooting pains, as these could indicate
nerve damage.
c. Scream "SAFEWORD" at the top of my lungs.
d. Attempt to adjust the rope myself to see if moving it relieves
the numbness.
e. Tell the top exactly what I'm experiencing, and ask that my
arm be released from bondage.
f. Tell the top exactly what I'm experiencing, and expect that
they will adjust the bondage and carry on with the scene.

2: Before bottoming in a piercing scene, it is reasonable to ask
the top (list at least 3 questions):

3: Breath control play can cause cardiac arrhythmias (abnormal
heart beats) that can be fatal. TRUE or FALSE

Do you know the answers to those questions? Hint: In many cases there is no one right answer! This class will explore active bottoming and risk awareness. After all, bottoms, it's YOUR body on the line here. Do you really know the dangers (and safer practices) for skills like flogging, bondage, play piercing, breath control? Are you taking responsibility for enhancing your scenes and getting the most out of (and giving back to) your tops?

Stefanos and Shay will start this session with a self-assessment that includes questions like the ones above and use this as an outline to discuss risk awareness and active bottoming across all sorts of play, from service to specific health considerations to heavy impact. Rather than promoting "one true way", they will discuss shades of gray and encourage you to develop your
individual style as a bottom. They also welcome tops to attend, as
this session may enhance your pre-scene communication and ability to"RACK up" your bottoms.

About the instructors:

As Purveyors of Perversion, Stefanos and Shay are known for teaching classes that are entertaining (they've been called "better than a Vegas act") and also packed with useful and applicable information. Their classes always include a detailed handout. Together they host events and teach classes several times a month in SF Bay Area and beyond. Shay is an ER nurse by day, while Stefanos is all kink all the time in his professional life as the Steward of The Upper Floor on and as DM and manager of Bondage-a-Go-Go. He has also been a student of fencing and martial arts for a combined total of 20 years.

Stefanos and Shay are compulsive volunteers within the leather community, and identify as pansexual polyamorist playsluts (and probably a few other P's they haven't thought of yet). They have performed, presented, and hosted events at many venues SF Citadel, Mission Control, NorthWest Leather Celebration,, the Exotic Erotic Ball, Behind Closed Doors in Arizona, and in a number of documentaries across the world. You can read more about them on their web site,

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