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Date: Sunday 3rd of March 2013
Time: 2:00 pm–5:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Flogger & Whips Fusion: Recreate Your Flogging Style with Singletail Techniques & Intro to Singletail Play

Another workshop for all levels in sensual ways of doing BDSM play with Grizzly!

Have you hit the flogging doldrums? Floggers can seem boring with the same old circular swings. Singletails can seem like a big time and money investment just to do savage and disconnected play. There are ways to play sensually with each and ways to learn basics from singletails that will permanently alter the way you use floggers.

This fusion workshop will include demo models and your own hands-on time. Basic explanations and demonstrations of how to throw both singletails and floggers, and how you can alter both basic singletail and flogger throws will be covered. Focus will be on how to combine whips and flogger techniques into more controlled sensation delivery for the more creative top. While some of what we'll be working with may at times seem fairly advanced, it will still be at levels available to BDSM beginners.

Feel free to bring your own floggers or (short!) singletails. Some loaners will be available. We'll have a hands-on period at the end of the class to either try out techniques or get information to expand the ones you know. The Instructor will attempt to match up solo students for the play session. Loose, comfortable clothing with easy skin access is suggested.

Instructor Bio:

Once upon a time, Grizzly stumbled into BDSM play as an extension of ongoing attempts to find more creative ways to integrate sensual play into erotic play and only eventually realized people were calling it BDSM. Grizzly fell in love with impact play when he discovered how easily sensation play manipulates partners' pleasures.

Since then, he's continued to try everything in the standard BDSM toy bag in the lightest, most sensual ways he can figure out. He especially enjoys perverting brutal toys into sensual ones.

His past has had him dabbling in what interesting ways he could find to orchestrate partners' pleasures since he first discovered twisting his own rope at a Boy Scout Jamboree; finding out that you don't hit others over the kidneys with floggers in the late Eighties; and DMing at play parties since the late Nineties. Grizzly has taught subjects including shibari rope bondage, caning, flogging, fire play, knife play, other BDSM favorites, and hosts munches and "Grizzly's Bullwhips by the Bay," the SF Bay Area's longest continually running singletails workshop.

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