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Date: Sunday 18th of November 2012
Time: 1:00 pm–5:00 pm (Pacific Time)


Join us for an afternoon of intensive needle scenes!

Points: A Celebration of Artistic Needle Play. Hosted by BMM & BMH aka the TooBadMice.

Join us for an afternoon of intensive needle scenes! These are not ordinarily done at the usual play party, such as art projects with 50 or more needles. We will provide flat surfaces such as massage tables, soft music, snacks and water, and individual instruction (upon request) for those attempting their first such project-- not newbies to play piercing itself, but perhaps new to large projects.

Photographers are welcome to attend, but will only be allowed to take photos with someone's permission, of course.

Likewise spectators and people who wish to learn from the various practitioners may also attend, watch the scenes, and possibly meet the people involved-- there also might be opportunities to assist someone, get pierced or learn from the people participating.

The idea is for several of the area's local needle artists to gather in one place, do one's work, and put on a display for each others' amusement and education. The BadMice will likely not be doing needle play themselves as they will be busy hosting, coordinating with the people in attendance, and providing assistance and/or instruction where needed.

How can you participate? By attending, of course. If you are a top, by recruiting someone who you know would make a good demo bottom for you and attending together. If you're a bottom who would like to get pierced, find someone skilled enough to do so and come together! Come and create spectacular scenes at The Looking Glass! Take photos to show off to your friends! You have skills and creative ideas that others would love to see!

Everyone will be expected to bring their own needles and craft supplies to this event. There is limited space so please RSVP using the links below as soon as possible to this exciting event.

A little about the the two bad mice:

The TooBadMice are a couple of notorious married switches who have been part of the Bay Area BDSM community for over a decade. When they're not gleefully poking their friends with sharp objects, or being poked, they are usually busy creating silly and painful games, conducting high voltage experiments on each other, or applying zippers to victims with evangelistic fervor. First entering the scene as photo and demo models for a dominatrix, they have been involved with classes and demos for over a decade at dungeons such as Castlebar, Dragon's Keep, the Scenery, Edges, the Citadel and the Looking Glass, as well as other venues through QSM, the Society of Janus, FantasyMakers, and BDSM Southern Oregon. They have taught Needle Play for the Clueless and can often be found running the clips and clamps booth at sampler events.

Please consider making a donation to support ongoing BDSM education and community building events. Thank you!

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