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Date: Sunday 12th of August 2012
Time: 2:00 pm–5:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Blades: The Sensual Side of Knife Play with Grizzly!

From Feathery Touch to Tantalizing Edges explore the exciting dynamic diversity of Bladed Weapons-

Have you been intrigued and aroused by the idea of submission and a body controlled, the idea of a blade scraping along moist, shivering, pliant and aroused flesh? Do you love the arousal of light, sensual play like gentle spanking, feeling a thrill of danger, but you're not sure Danger is your middle name, and need safety and sensual care in your scenes? It's time your fantasies were turbocharged, and you leapt into the world of knife play, and (not for the weak at heart) the insanity of edged weapons play!

Knives and blades of all kinds can used to bring a sense of total power and surrender into play, yet be safe. Blades can be used to bring sensual response to a peak, and even used to spank, paddle, or soothe. Knife play can be ramped up by making use of anything with an edge, from small locking-blade folding knives to Bowie knives to axes and hatchets to swords. Your imagination and ability to lift your ancestor's Viking battle axe is your only limitation in this kind of play.

During this class, we will explore:

Safety in blade use and play

Multiple uses of blades in play:

From slow taunting edge use to light spanking & heavy spanking with blades.
Taunting as evil blade play. (Sound, barely touching with blades, blade tips as taunting, cold and hot sensation play)
General mind fuckery with edged weapons play.

How to choose a quality blade for your money and how to care for your blade:

Discussion of the range from custom knife makers to horrid fantasy blades.
How to tell horrid awfuls from decent blades.
Sharpening and care.

Folding blades, and The Click of Arousal.

Sheath style knives, from hunting knives to Bowies to stilettos to fighting knives.

Straight razor use (also known as cutthroat razors):
From sharpening to strops to shaving things that, umm, maybe shouldn't be shaved.

At the conclusion of the lecture and demo period, if an appropriate model has been found in time, instructor will demonstrate one use of blades, tying down and blindfolding a model and shaving her nether realms with a cutthroat (straight) razor.

Students are welcome to bring their own edged implements for use during a post-lecture play session. Instructor will attempt to match up solo students for the play session. Loose, comfortable clothing with easy skin access is suggested.

Instructor bio:

Once upon a time, Grizzly stumbled into BDSM play as an extension of ongoing attempts to find more creative ways to integrate sensual play into erotic play, and only eventually realized people were calling it BDSM. Grizzly fell in love with blades at an early age. After puberty, he realized any and all items can be used for a partner's pleasures, and seeing the lust and shivers on an early lover's face during slow and sensual knife play, paid attention to the light bulb going off, and then allowed his inner six year old to take over the experiment. Since then, he's continued to try everything in the standard BDSM toy bag in the lightest, most sensual ways he can figure out, and his love of spanking, tactile contact and play, and orchestrating pleasure has kept him seeking stranger and stranger blades for partners' widening eyes...

His past has had him dabbling in what interesting ways he could find to orchestrate partners' pleasures since he first discovered rope as a young 'un twisting his own at a Boy Scout Jamboree; finding out that you don't hit others over the kidneys with floggers in the late Eighties; and DMing at play parties since the late Nineties. Grizzly has taught subjects including shibari rope play, caning, flogging, fire play, other BDSM favorites, and has been hosting munches and "Grizzly's Bullwhips by the Bay" (a twice-monthly singletail workshop) for several years in San Francisco.

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