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Date: Sunday 25th of March 2012
Time: 2:00 pm–5:00 pm (Pacific Time)

The Sensual Side of Caning & Cane Making Workshop

Learn sensual BDSM techniques with Grizzly and go home with your own handmade cane!

The Sensual Side of Caning & Cane Making Workshop:
Another workshop in sensual ways of doing BDSM play with Grizzly

A materials fee of $8.00 per person for the cane making materials has been included in the price

Did caning always sound like an exercise in brutality, yet your interest was in more sensual play? You're not alone in that thought. Caning, while it can be ramped up to levels of brutal play, can also be one of the most versatile sensual toys in your repertoire. Caning can deliver a thud, can be stingy, can even be evocative of a stingy vibrator, or it can be like an extension of your fingertips in soothing erotic play. Once you discover the incredible variety of sensations you can produce, a cane might be the one toy you'd want to be have on a desert isle with your lover.

Swing by The Looking Glass on March 25th for an introduction to sensual caning with Grizzly. This class will combine talk, demonstration, and cane making (acrylic and/or peeled rattan). The class will end with a students caning play period. Bringing a friend is suggested, but if you come solo, you'll be paired up for the hands-on part of the workshop. A portion of the afternoon will be set aside for making your own cane out of provided materials.

(Wear what you like, but loose, comfortable, and easily removable clothing is suggested, especially since any sensual impact play is best on skin. Your choice, of course, for what stays on or comes off, but easy access for what you negotiate with your afternoon's partner might be best.)

Grizzly stumbled into BDSM play as an extension of ongoing attempts to find more creative ways to integrate sensual play into erotic play, and only eventually realized people were calling it BDSM. He always assumed caning was too brutal to be of any interest, but one day picked up a piece of rattan, and realized it could be used very, very lightly. After the light bulb went off, he allowed his inner six year old to take over the experiment. Since then, he's continued to try everything in the standard BDSM toy bag in the lightest, most sensual ways he can figure out, but has always come back to his first love, the peeled rattan cane.

His past has had him dabbling in what interesting ways he could find to orchestrate partners' pleasures since he first discovered rope as a young 'un twisting his own at a Boy Scout Jamboree; finding out that you don't hit others over the kidneys with floggers in the late Eighties; and DMing at play parties since the late Nineties. Grizzly has taught subjects including shibari rope play, fire play, caning, flogging, other BDSM favorites, and has been hosting munches and "Grizzly's Bullwhips by the Bay" (a twice-monthly singletail workshop) for several years in San Francisco.

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