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Date: Sunday 26th of February 2012
Time: 2:00 pm–4:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Creative Mindfuckery workshop with Danarama!

How to use communication, props and prestidigitation to hit much deeper than any whip can reach.

The physical aspects of S/m can only go so far in taking people into subspace. Headspace is where it's at. But you don't have to be a hypnotist, psychologist or shaman to get there. Danarama shares a wide range of techniques, from communication-flytraps to home-built props and sleights of hand that you can use to delve into your partner's mind... and play upon their fears in ways that are terrifyingly realistic and effective, yet physically safe and easily wiped away like a bad dream. Featuring live demonstrations, craft instructions, basic practical magicianship and discussions into darker sides like interrogation and brainwashing, Dan will arm you with the tools to take your scenes to a new dimension.

  1. Brain-stalking, f.k.a. "listening"
  2. Seeding and faking expectations
  3. Cadence and tone of voice
  4. Creating settings, props and plot lines
  5. Basic hand sleights
  6. Interrogation tips and tricks
  7. The "Psych!" and return to reality

Please note! Tops ONLY. Doms are advised NOT to bring their submissives to this workshop so as to preserve the crucial elements of surprise.

About Danarama:

With two decades as an active Dom, including the last dozen years as one of the world renown Two Knotty Boys rope bondage instruction duo, Dan brings his private play style to bear, backed by his degree in Communication and extensive studies into communist interrogation techniques of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

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