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Date: Saturday 4th of February 2012
Time: 2:00 pm–6:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Women only Spirit + Flesh Energy Hook Pull Ritual

We welcome you to this transformative Ritual led by Cleo Dubois and her team.

Welcome to a celebration of spiritual discovery and transformation! We are all excited to offer this unique opportunity for personal growth and communal experience. This transformative women only Spirit + Flesh Energy Hook Pull Ritual will be led by Cleo Dubois. The following are her team leaders available for support and guidance:

-Live powerful drumming: Raelyn, Babs,Kaye and Willow
-Your piercers: the world renowned Fakir(in a skirt), Lauren Ide IMsL2007, Chari professional piercer.
-To help you along your journey, your guides (Ka-see-kas) will be: Cleo Dubois, Sam, Idexa of Black and Blue tattoo, Selina Raven and several women friends who have done the ritual

Participants are limited to 15 so we strongly encourage you to get your tickets now while they are still available. First come first served!!

Before participants arrive, the space will be arranged with beautiful altars and stationary pull stations. Before the ritual there will be a short presentation showing the origins of this sacred ceremonial practice. After the presentation a cleansing flogging circle will raise the energy before the piercing begins. Participants will receive hooks and can also request cheek spears, and third eye piercings! Participants will then go to a stationary pull station for a solo meditative experience. Often this is very heart opening and releasing, followed by live drumming for energy sharing, raising and pulling to help create a truly ecstatic inner journey.

To add some erotic energy to this women only ritual, participants are encouraged to cordless vibrators! Also please bring a flogger or two and a sarong. We will have extras for you to use if do not have your own. At the conclusion of the pull, we circle and ground and talk about our experiences. The food will be served to help with the grounding process and we will eat together at the end of the ritual.

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