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Date: Sunday 18th of September 2011
Time: 2:00 pm–4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Advanced CBT Worshop.. Are You Ready For The Ride?!

Dr. Gabriele Hoff and Bruce will teach you how to elevate the effectiveness of your Kink play whether it be pain- or pleasure-focused.

Workshop Description:

Would you like to ramp up the erotic intensity and energy of your kink play? Are you interested in learning some advanced CBT techniques and simple breathing techniques that can enhance the overall experience? If so, then this is the workshop for you!

This workshop is suitable for all players who have a sincere interest in receiving or giving CBT. You will learn how to elevate the effectiveness of your play whether it be pain- or pleasure-focused. Simple tips for transforming basic genital fear into pleasure will also be shared.

This is interactive workshop will focus on the following subjects:

basic safety
male genital anatomy
energy centers
electroplay- EMS/TENS
ball bondage
physical torture
urethral sounds

About the Presenters:

Dr. Gabriele Hoff is a well-know doctor of psychology and long-time BDSM and tantra practitioner. Always interested in psychology and sexuality, Dr Hoff made erotic power play, consensual sadomasochism (SM), Dominance and submission(Ds) and fetish play the focus of her studies and the topic of her films.

Dr Hoff began interviewing many people- doctors,lawyers, college students, blue collar workers, business executives,housewives, professional dominatrixes and their clients-about their power play fantasies and sexual practices. She has interviewed over 1200 individuals and couples.

Bruce has been in the scene for several years having joined SOJ in 2006. He enjoys the sub/btm role in kink play although he's a switch when it comes to yoga and body alignment. He brings a lifetime interest in physical fitness to the scene, combined with 20+ years of yoga practice, body alignment and tantra experience.

Most recently, he's had a fascination with the synergy between yoga and kink and how to more effectively integrate the two to bring players to higher states of consciousness.

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