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Date: Saturday 6th of February 2021
Time: 12:00 pm–4:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Playing with Reality: A Mindfucks Intensive

with Miss Mackenzee
Join Miss Mackenzee for an exciting and informative Zoom workshop to learn all about playing with the mind.

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The physical side of play is fun of course, but it doesn't hold a candle to the countless experiences that can be crafted using words or sometimes, the slightest of actions. In fact, if you can fully get inside your bottom's head, you really don’t need to play with their body at all.

The same feelings that come along with watching a horror movie like fear, excitement and antici...pation are some of the elements you need for a successful mindfucking. Instilling uncertainty is an art form. There is a particular kind of rush and exhilaration you can achieve when you're able to twist reality, consensually. In this workshop you will learn how and why negotiations with a focus on active consent are so important when it comes to mind play.

This intensive is perfect for all skill levels as Miss Mackenzee works from light and playful to more extreme types of edge play. There will be 4 hours of teaching including multiple demos with a 30 minute break in between and plenty of time for questions.

Several other topics that will be covered are:

• Flexing your mental muscles when you might not be able to be as physical
• Learning to balance between an intense headspace while still maintaining care as a Dominant/Top
• Ways to ground the bottom to bring them back and what to do if something goes wrong
• How to set up for a mindfuck scene
• Deciding the tone; strict and harsh vs flirty and teasing, etc
• Hear from a bottom's perspective regarding safety and preparing themselves for a fear play scene

Join Miss Mackenzee for an exciting and informative workshop to learn all about playing with the mind!

This intensive is open to everyone, although some BDSM knowledge and experience is preferred.


Miss Mackenzee is a Professional Dominatrix, Certified Hypnotist, Sexual Wellness Coach, as well as an International BDSM and Sex Educator. She has been involved in the kink lifestyle for 19 years. Miss Mackenzee co-hosts the Kink, Intimacy, and Cannabis Lounge podcast with her live-in submissive. She has also appeared as a guest on numerous other podcasts to share her wealth of knowledge on various topics. Mindfulness is a practice that she incorporates not only into her play but her everyday life and enjoys helping others become more in tune with themselves and their partner(s). She teaches a full range of subjects including but not limited to energy/Tantra, bondage, power exchange, hypnosis, sexuality, and the art of sadism.

Miss Mackenzee is highly sought after for private lessons with individuals and couples as well as presenting at conventions and graduate programs at major universities. She has brought her experiences and skills to various organizations such as, Widener University, TES, SF Citadel, Dark Odyssey, Celebrity Cruiseline, VoxBody Studio, Wicked Grounds, Black Thorn/Sacred Muse, SINergy, Kinky Kollege, Bound In Boston, Adventures in Sexuality, ROPECRAFT, Weekend of Wickedness, Purple Passion, Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, Sexploratorium, EXXXotica, and many others.

She prides herself on creating a fostering environment that is safe from societal judgments for people to explore their kinks and sexuality. Each and every workshop is taught with passion and includes intentional energy as she feels it is essential to building a connection to not only her bottom but the participants in her classes. She welcomes people to be free and honest with themselves and their desires.

She invites you to interact with her:
Twitter: @MissMackenzee
Instagram: Miss.Mackenzee
Fetlife: MissMackenzee

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