Addressing Covid-19 Concerns

Hello and thank you for your interest in Black Thorn, Sacred Muse, and The Attic. We live in troubling times and we are all concerned about the spread of Covid-19. Your personal health and safety is our number one priority. While the play spaces always get cleaned regularly, we have taken extra precautionary measures to ensure that all possible used and exposed surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests, using bleach, alcohol, and CaviCide, a medical grade disinfectant. Read about CaviCide here.

We ask that you also take the following precautionary steps:

  • If you are feeling feverish or generally unwell, please stay home.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and for at least 20 seconds, or take a shower, immediately upon arrival, and wash your hands frequently with soap throughout your session.

If you have not paid for cleaning, adhere to the following after-session procedures, and read our complete cleaning check off list.

  • After your session, turn up all the lights and, using CaviCide, thoroughly wipe down everything you and your guest have touched, including but not limited to: light switches, lube bottles, and door knobs.
  • Remember to wear gloves when handling CaviCide and biohazardous material.
  • When spraying CaviCide, let it soak for several minutes before wiping it dry.
  • Wash all used linens, rope, and costume clothing in the washing machine.

Last but not least, Have Fun! It’s healthy to balance the stress in our lives with creativity, imagination, and playfulness. Nurturing our emotional and mental well-being also supports our physical health and personal relationships.

Wishing you health and happiness~

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