Cleaning and Closing Checkoff List

Please leave the space as neat, clean, and nice as you found it for the next person!


  • TURN UP THE LIGHTS to clean! Dim dungeons can lead to missed hazards like lube spills.
  • Turn off all lights, heat, fans, and music (okay to leave speakers on).
  • Return all used items, including furniture and equipment, back to where you found them.
  • Make sure bathrooms are tidy, and replace used towels.
  • Lock kitchen door in Black Thorn (front door locks automatically).
  • Lock entrance doors to Sacred Muse and The Attic (press “lockstate” button).
  • Use CaviCide to clean used and exposed surfaces. This includes implements, floors, furniture, door knobs, and lube bottles.
  • Thoroughly wipe down equipment! This includes chains, the bed frame, and, in particular, the underside of the multi-bench, straps, legs, and floor!
  • Wipe up lube smears and floor spills thoroughly to avoid tracking and falls (alcohol is good for spilled lube).
  • Use the condoms provided as a barrier for insertable toys and vibrators.
  • Place used linens and ropes (in the mesh laundry bag) into the hamper bins by the dryer.
  • Using fresh linens, neatly redress the bed and replace pillow cases. Linens are located in the bedroom drawers in Black Thorn and in the mirrored closet in Sacred Muse.
  • Pull the bed cover tight and make the pillows tidy (hotel bed standard).
  • Wipe down the multi-bench, including straps and frame, thoroughly.
  • Wash and put away used dishes.
  • Take out garbage from the play rooms (if the bins are at least half full).
  • Replace garbage bin liners (left of sink in Black Thorn & under the counter in kitchenette of Sacred Muse).
  • If full, take out kitchen garbage and recycling (only recyclables please) to the big outside bins behind Black Thorn front porch (grey is recycling, brown is garbage).


After events, or if needed, please:

  • Vacuum rugs and floors (vacuumn cleaner behind screen in Black Thorn kitchen and by washer/dryer in Sacred Muse).
  • Mop kitchen floor (swiffer wipes above sink and by washer/dryer).
  • Wipe down counters.
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